Help the Victims of Floods!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm back after a long break(at of Busy work life. I got to attend lot of parties including my best friend's marriage which also happens to be my first Muslim wedding.

What a memorable event was it where I realized what we really miss whenever we see a veiled face. ;-) Beautiful people with beautiful hearts serving beautiful foods and sharing beautiful thoughts of life. Never felt the people were of different religion. So much similarities in thoughts and rituals amidst diversified looks. Every moment gave the feeling of a family event.

This is what confuses me as I do not understand why there is so much hatred among the communities. May be its a strong proof that the hatred is not because of the clash of thoughts or beliefs. Instead it is being injected from outside in to our society to make us weak. To distract our focus from development and prosperity.

Hope everyone realizes this and once again Peace prevails on this land.