Help the Victims of Floods!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hindi hain hum watan hai Hindostan hamara!!

For me being an Hindu is not just a member of a religion or cult. But a descendant of one of the worlds greatest civilization that flourished under and beyond the great Hindu-Kush mountains covering the entire Indian Sub-Continent.

For me my brethren families include all those who are descendant of the same civilization. Today they might be following various religions and belief system, that were either born out from the same sub-continent civilization or following the prophets of distant lands. But what unites us are the similarities in the way we lead our lives, the purity of thoughts that arise in our minds and the feelings we have on each other.

Iqbal said "Hindi hai hum watan hai Hindostan Hamara!" before partition! Though he altered his own saying after partition which is not a pure thought which we(at-least me) will never accept the meaningless alteration! Today we might be divided physically by boundaries created to fulfill the political needs of selfish leaders of the past and present, and Mentally by Hard-line Religious Thoughts, but the feelings know no such boundaries. We too feel the pain that people suffer across the border, though it might not be as intense as the local people but sure more than any other people (especially Americans or Chinese).

We know Pakistan is devastated now and we know the extend of damage and difficulty one has to face in such situations. This is because we too experienced the similar kinds of calamities in Mumbai and in Norther parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, in which India's finance capital was almost submerged in water and one of the Hindu holy place was almost wiped off with the floods.

From those experiences we know that its not the policies of the state & its government that helped to recover from the destruction. But in fact it was the fighting spirit of the victims and compassion of fellow citizens irrespective of caste, religion, and region which worked miracle to bring back the life to normal in those places in a quick time.

What Pakistan today needs is the same! Spirit of the local people and compassion of its neighbors and well wishers. As I said, our purity of thinking is so similar that the spirit has already begun to flow and has helped most of the victims to recover from shock but its not complete. But what they need now is the Compassion in terms of logistics to keep their spirits high.

Though the reader base for my blog is very small, I'm making a Personal and Humble request to all those who stumble in to this post, to show the much required compassion to our brethren across the border in whatever form possible for one to contribute.

My friends in Pakistan have formulated a NON-PROFIT NGO "Friends Indeed..." which reaches to and helps the Flood Victims. More details on how to contact them and follow their work in the affected areas can be found on their blog named Friends Indeed!

Please visit them, Contact them and Contribute to this Humane Cause!!

My Best wishes and I believe the Wishes of my Readers as well as the Blessings of Mother Nature are with the Friends Indeed team!

My Sincere thanks to THINKING for providing me this Holy opportunity to serve for the cause.