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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waiting Room!!!

(Inspired by the latest blog by Thinking and my daily experience. @Thinking - My apologies if I misused your tone of saying here!)

I travel to office daily by AC Volvo city bus which has no reservation of front rows for ladies(usually done in ordinary buses). Which means I can occupy the seats at the front of the bus.

I wasn't suppose to sit there even then.. as many ladies prefer and usually occupy those seats.. but I did..hmmm..

I wasn't suppose to be near women that close....

The promise I made to myself long back, to avoid girls to keep me safe from the Temptations of the adolescence and not to get close to any girl until I able to make one mine for life(get married)

I knew the best way to avoid girls it stay away from them and not to depend on them for any thing.

But here I'm sitting very close to these beautiful young women.

I wanted to make friends with one of them, get indulge with her but I shouldn't. The best way to keep myself off of these temptations was to be close to them and don't talk to them.

And I'm fully surrounded by these beautiful young women wearing attractive dresses and scents that mesmerizes and for a moment takes your subconscious to the room lit with fragrance candles and a bed covered with rose petals and other colorful scented flowers. On the bed, a lady in red attire, I don't know who she is? All I see is her sitting with her one leg folded to her chest, head bent with shyness and covered with the translucent, shiny veil till the nose. I could see her lips trembled with fear, yet a shy smile on her rosy cheek. I couldn't help myself from smiling at her....

"...TICKET TICKET.." shouted the conductor, which brought me back into my seat on bus.

The smile I gave was real and I could only realize that after I noticed a gorgeous women, scantily dressed, staring fiercely at me as if she would burn me with that look. I quickly turned my head towards the window and closed my eyes and cursed my temptations.

She didn't knew that I was lost in my world, but sure she thought that I was scaling her assets in detail which I hardly noticed.

I was deeply embarrassed for what happened which I did not mean to. All these years I had turned down every opportunity to make a girlfriend just to save my Fidelity for the one, with whom I'll be spending my rest of the life and thereafter. I had even avoided every pleasure of eye candies or the feeling of being touched. But this one moment nearly ruined all that I had acquired by being a pleasure renounced saint.

I spent the rest of my journey to office looking at the infinity across the window and re-vowing to myself to not sit in front rows anymore.
Thereafter, I preferred standing at the back of the bus though the seats were empty at the front.

I'm now the regular occupier of the corner window seat in the last row of the bus, where only the saints or losers like me give me company. 

When I'm tired and have no other options I would occupy the front row if the company I get is either of the below pictures.

Here I'm back in the Waiting Room part of the life, Safe and Fidel with deliberate Patience and a Hope to find a companion of the life and its Journey to begin soon...!