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Monday, July 19, 2010

LIFE: I dont know what it is...

Life has turned out to be an arrow let out of a bow without any Aim!

Cruising lazily just like the earth revolving in space. From outside it looks like a nice and smooth ride, internally its a struggle as I pass from moment to moment.

This struggle is against my thoughts, against my principles and against the way I live. Coz its flow is completely opposite to that of the world.

Life has become harder as I swim against the stream. My shoulders are tired of finding way, and so are my legs pushing my meat and bones against the stream.

I'm tired, I'm confused and I see darkness in future. I Haven't got a clue about my next move.

I need a Time Warp, couple of moments to pull myself up, to make healthy adjustments, to find the way and most importantly to get to know what I am really seeking in this World!!!